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Forum reactivated

Par Kaal le 7/4/2001 à 18:03:00 (#457015)

The forum works now :)

sorry for the long delay and many thanks to Elgolfin

Par Shang le 18/4/2001 à 6:39:00 (#457016)

So what can we start a discussion about now ???
How about the next Date to release new Questions to the Eurodevboard ?
Since there has been no Feedback from AE, i think we have to try out ?

Greetings, Shang

Par Kaal le 23/4/2001 à 16:54:00 (#457017)

Ooops soryy I had lost the habit to check this site :)

I must say i have been a bit dissapointed by AE's answers to our questions.

Perhaps AE has given out too much info already and can't say much more that is interesting.

But I agree we should keep the thing alive. It is too early to give up anyway

Par Shang le 26/4/2001 à 20:28:00 (#457018)

Well, my opinion is that we had only one round of Questions yet, and of course AE keeps theyr Informations very tight.
I think we should go on with our Board just as we planned, even if we get disappointing answers.
We will have Dev Contact, and the Devs can build a opinion about the European Community. Also i am sure we will get much more detailed answers when the Beta comes near.

Greetings, Shang

Par Kaal le 27/4/2001 à 18:06:00 (#457019)

We sure need to keep this thing going, I agree. Now to extract good questions from the visitors :rolleyes: lol

Par Shang le 29/4/2001 à 1:08:00 (#457020)

What do you think, Kaal, is it possible to collect good Questions from your visitors in the near Future (i.E. next week) ?
We have some Questions posted we would love to have answered ;).

Greetings, Shang

Par Kaal le 29/4/2001 à 20:30:00 (#457021)

I am working on our questions as I speak but right now, I've got only a couple of them. I'll prod them for more :)

I think the "armor size" questions has been answered : humans, elves, saris will all be able to share their objects/clothes/armor, that's something Douglas Shuler said early on.

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