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1.28 pour les VO ça y est !

Par Hiztaar le 12/2/2003 à 22:19:08 (#3226062)

Neverwinter Nights v1.28 English.

Patch details:
Neverwinter Nights Game

- Added Gnolls to the game resources.
- Added support for multiple Hak Paks.
- Added "unlockcamera 1" console command. This overrides min/max pitch and distance to allow distances from 1 - 25, and pitch from 1 - 89.
- Added custom tokens to the journal system. No, really. For sure this time.
- Added custom token support to placeables. If you add a custom token to a placeable name, then if that token is set when the area loads in, it will show up in the name of the placeable. (ie: Jail Cell can be changed to "Yoko's Jail Cell" when you re-enter an area once you've captured Yoko in the keep). This won't change for people already in the area.
- Fixed polymorph removal on all saving/exporting of creatures.
- Added new ATI code for the ATI Catalyst 3.0/3.1 drivers. Please upgrade to the ATI Catalyst 3.1 drivers if you have not done so already.
- Changed Ambient Music Day/Night transition fadeout time to 10 seconds.
- On level up and down, made sure that we change the pre-polymorph values for STR, DEX, and CON that are stored on the server, so that when the polymorph is cancelled, the ability changes are reflected on the base creature.
- Made a fix to Henchmen/familiars having problems when using an exported character in a saved game.
- Fixed the Flame Arrow script that was incorrectly signalling itself as Magic Missle.
- Fixed an obscure crash when closing the options panel using the default 'O' key.
- Made a fix to prevent an obscure crash when generating a familiar name.
- Fixed an issue with the hide empty/hide full servers filter being switched around.
- Fixed an issue where tag lookups using more than 32 characters would fail.
- Made a fix for pressing 'I' to close inventory while a placeable container is open, causing the container to be stuck open permanently.
- Fixed an odd faction bug where certain NPC's were hating each other.
- Fixed a feedback crash with Barbarian Rage in certain specific areas.
- Fixed "Damage Reduction absorbed # damage" message. It now displays the correct value absorbed for Barbarians/Monks.
- Changed resolution of FirstName and LastName tokens in conversations so that if a first name is required but isn't populated, it will use the last name instead and vice-versa. Note that this means if both a FirstName and a LastName token are used and only one name is given for the character, the name will appear twice in a conversation. But, you should be using in that case anyway.
- If GameSpy is offline, Favorites, History, Buddy Lists, and Direct Connect will all be available from the Internet Multiplayer screen instead of denying access.
- Fixed problem with inventory items locking up after moving them and then cancelling the action queue.
- Fixed problem with inventory items locking up after trying to move, drop, or unequip them while stunned.
- Fixed problem with unmemorizing spells on multi-class characters.
- Fixed a problem with many items in the action queue and the queue misfiring.
- Fix for in game guis not updating after a character loses a class during a level-down.
- Fixed the the restoring of previous remaining skill points during a level-down. It was restoring them based on the earlier multi-class level instead of the total character levels.
- Fixed seamless portals that don't have waypoints specified (they will portal you now)
- Fixed an incorrect entry in soundset.2da that was causing Dire Rats to not have sounds.
- Fixed Gargoyle statues not destroying themselves when spawning a Gargoyle, as well as improved the visual effect of the statue's destruction.
- Fixed Wail of the Banshee script. It now allows the game to do proper Death Immunity checking.
- Added seamless portal password security check. ie: portal seamlessly to passworded server with no password specified fails.
- Made a fix for creatures in a Hak Pak crashing the game when reloading the hak pak saved game from within the game.
- PVP attitude is no longer re-initialized on area transitions. Like/Dislike buttons won't reset to "Like" on area transitions.
- Added in-game chat color stripping.
- Fixed convoluted saving crash related to creating a placeable with inventory then unclicking the 'inventory' checkbox and then deleting said inventory through scripting and then trying to save.
- Made several game stability fixes.
- Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking. Sorry, but we will never publically discuss specific changes to the game with regards to hacking the game.
- Fixed a problem where containers could get stuck open when an NPC starts a conversation with you.
- Fixed JumpToPoint and JumpToObject from firing when the client is loading or playing a movie.

DM Client:
- Changed the DM Faction when possessing a creature to that creature's faction. ie: Possessing a hostile creature will keep him hostile.
- Added some safety checks to some DM commands.
- Partial fix for server crash when DM possesses gated in Balor and it gets unsummoned.
- Fixed crashes caused by using console command "dm_setfaction ".
- Fixed Dungeon Master area transitions - they were getting a blank entry in the party bar during some transitions.
- Made some fixes to the DM jump to/goto commands and added some more error checking to address any potential crash situations.
- Fixed problem where DM viewing NPC character sheets displayed hit points as 1/1.
- Fixed an issue caused by DM possessing a creature and then creating/editing a map pin.

- Added smooth transitioning parameter to SetCameraFacing().
// - nTransitionType: CAMERA_TRANSITION_TYPE_* SNAP will immediately move the
// camera to the new position, while the other types will result in the camera moving gradually into position
- Added CopyObject() scripting command.
// Duplicates the object specified by oSource.
// ONLY creatures and items can be specified.
// If an owner is specified and the object is an item, it will be put into their inventory
// If the object is a creature, they will be created at the location.
// If a new tag is specified, it will be assigned to the new object.
object CopyObject(object oSource, location locLocation, object oOwner = OBJECT_INVALID, string sNewTag = ");
- RemoveFromParty() no longer removes a player from the party when the server is set to "One Party Only".
- Added some safety checks for ActionGiveItem() and ActionTakeItem() - there were some reports in the scripting forum that the scripting commands could crash the game in some odd situations.
- Fixed GetNearestCreature() so that when first or only criteria is CREATURE_TYPE_IS_ALIVE it doesn't always return an invalid object.
- Changed how OnDisturb events are fired for placeables when the item being moved is gold.
- Fixed GetIsResting() - was always returning false except when called from OnPlayerRest.
- Changed AddHenchman() so that you cannot add a player character or a DM as a henchman.
- Fixed problem with SetMapPinEnabled() whereby map pins could not be disabled. The map wasn't updating correctly, so the pin WAS indeed disabled but still displayed on map.
- Fixed GetHasSpell() and DecrementRemainingSpellUses() to work properly with spontaneously cast spells.
- Fixed the GetFirst/NextFactionMember() scripting command toggle.
- Fixed crash when ActionStartConversation() assigned to area or module.
- Fixed a bug when calling a GetAlignment() function on a non-creature.

Server-specific changes:
- Added server option "RotateServerLog=0/1" to nwnplayer.ini, under [Server Options]. If this is turned off the server logs won't rotate (default is on).
- Added logging for the ban list being modified and the difficulty setting changing.
- Added server logging of connection attempts.
- Added server CDKey logging to "Player Name (XXXXXXXX) Joined as Player #" messages.
- We now load in the ban lists from the ini, when ever the ini file has changed. This should allow cross server banning when running multiple servers on the same box.

Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset:
- Added multiple Hak Pak support.
- Improved module loading speed. However, this change means that you can no longer insert blueprints into a module outside of the Toolset by putting them in the module temp directory, and expect them to appear when you load the module.
- Added right-click menu option to manually reload any of the blueprint palettes. Useful if you inserted blueprints into a module outside of the toolset and they don't appear because of the new module loading code.
- Optimized loading of blueprint files during palette refresh after operations such as File|Import, or creating a new plot.
- In the inventory dialog, warn user when equipping items that a creature cannot use, and list the feats that are missing. This will not warn about existing problems with creatures, only warn for new equipping attempts.
- The Toolset will no longer open a module if the module's Hak Pak does not exist.
- The Conversation Editor saves newlines as just an LF character, instead of a CR+LF. Fixes appearance of "box" characters when showing the conversation in the game. (Note: any existing conversation nodes containing CR-LF newlines will have to be edited in order to be converted.)
- Added 2D view to items in the preview window
- Mouse rotation of objects will snap orientation to mulitples of the rotation increment.
- Increased precision/decreased rotation speed on the object rotate buttons.
- Fixed a bug where the Sound Source position would not be updated when the 3D graphical representation of a sound object was moved, causing the user to hear it from its orginal position instead of the correct new position.
- Fixed an assertion error when redrawing a trigger/encounter polygon after viewing the properties of a creature blueprint.
- After redrawing a trigger/encounter polygon, the selection bounding box correctly updates to the new shape instead of still appearing around the original polygon's vertices.
- Fixed an access violation when painting an object from a palette when a different palette is active.
- Changed the Script Wizard to use HasItem() instead of CheckPartyHasItem() since the wizard can only take items from the speaker, not from the party.
- Fixed a divide by zero script error with AutoDC checks from the Script Wizard.
- Recursive file includes in scripts no longer generates the same error message twice.
- Fixed a bug where parsing a script file with a circular include would cause the script text to change to the error text. The error text will correctly go into the Help pane now.
- When loading a tileset's groups, show an error message when a tilegroup has no entry for one of its tiles.
- Deleting a generic trigger's OnClick event will reset the Cursor to 'none'.
- Palettes no longer remain visible after user indirectly closes the current area by attaching a hak pak.
- When exporting resources, it is now optional as to whether Factions reset to their Parent values.
- Fixed the Trigger dialog Tag fields not being flagged as modified when pasting text containing invalid Tag characters. Fixes bug where changes would not be saved when pasting such text.
- Fixed a bug where Placeable Objects, under rare cases, would be saved as BTP instead of UTP.
- Placeable Wizard no longer saves a blueprint file when it's not supposed to (eg, when started in Plot Wizard).
- Fixed memory leak when destroying Placeable Properties dialog.
- Fixed memory leak while adding a placeable blueprint's node to the blueprint palettes.
- When editing the inventory of a blueprint, the Inventory dialog will autoselect the appropriate blueprint palette when the user right-clicks on an item in the inventory.

Plot Wizard
- Fixed bug where acquiring a plot item would grant XP every time it was acquired, instead of only the first time.
- Fixed some StrRefs in the plot blueprints.
- Fixed BadStrRef label on the 'Insert Token' menu option when editing conversations.
- Fixed NonPlotWizard plots not having their ResRefs set after being saved.
- NonPlotWizard Plots can be deleted now.
- Talking to a villain no longer updates the state of the current plot, although it will still update the cast member conversation state on the villain.
- Fixed Extra Scripting button for Conversation Actions still being visible in a Single Statement Plot Node.
- Fixed Journal Checkbox not being checked when the journal entry has no string but has a stringref.
- Modified the Conditional script that shows the Acceptance Conversation node: If the prerequisite node requires killing a villain, then the condition will check for that.
- Added custom scripting to plot node conversation nodes.

Hak Pak Editor:
- Added File|Merge option to merge another Hak Pak into the one that is currently open. This will just merge the file content of the Hak Paks. This will NOT merge 2DA files.
- Added error reporting to the "Build Hak from directory" option of the Hak Pak editor, which is invoked with a command line of the form "nwhak.exe "

2DA Files Changed in this Update:
- appearance.2da
- portraits.2da
- soundset.2da

Please visit the Neverwinter Nights Community Site at:

régalez vous ( sortie du patch vers 22h :-) )

Par Defthefirst le 12/2/2003 à 22:38:11 (#3226206)

Maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss non et la VF alors ? :(...

Par Hiztaar le 12/2/2003 à 22:39:10 (#3226217)

tant pis pour vous :-)

Par einhander le 13/2/2003 à 11:04:15 (#3228831)

Selon toute logique la VF ne devrait pas tarder

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