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Next Version of the Devboard

Par Shang le 12/3/2001 à 7:14:00 (#457062)

I changed the Background and adjusted the Colours a little bit.
Take a look at it here.
I forgot to mention i made User Accounts for you to test...
I made Fomalhaut and Hz_Bibliothek, so you can test the Features of the Board. The password for both Accounts is the same Password we use to access this Board (little yellow bird).

Greetings, Shang

(edited to add Information)

[This message has been edited by Shang (edited 12 Mars 2001).]

Par Kaal le 12/3/2001 à 10:10:00 (#457063)

I like the background.

I propose a lighter alternate color for the threads. I'm referrring to the UBB feature that will alternate colors between messages in a thread : light blue , then dark blue for the reply, then light blue again. Is that possible ?

Features : the Fomalhaut account doesn't have access to "remove" and "lock" yet.

The software apparently allows to choose between "threaded" and "flat" views. Is that correct ?

[This message has been edited by Kaal (edited 12 Mars 2001).]

Par Shang le 12/3/2001 à 17:52:00 (#457064)

Unfortunately it is not possible to have the alternate Colours for the different Threads, but i can play around a bit with the different layouts (there are 3).
If you visit again, you should see another layout of the Topics, maybe that one is a bit better ?
For the Lock and Remove functions, these functions can only be made by the moderator of the specific Board.
It would be possible to add Fomalhaut, Hz_Bibliothek and Horizonsweb to the Moderators of the Forum, the problem is that every Moderator is listed in the Boardlisting by default.
I dont know if i can find a workaround for this.
It wouldnt be a Problem with three Sites, but when more participate, this could be not too nice.
The switch between threaded and flat view is a feature of the Board.

Greetings, Shang

Par Shang le 12/3/2001 à 20:43:00 (#457065)

Ok, i changed the Colours again a little bit, and added one more post so you can see how everything works together when there are more than just two posts.
Added the Founders of the EuroDevBoard to the Moderators of the Forum.....
I would say everyone who joins in later has to be a normal User :D

Greetings, Shang

Par Kaal le 12/3/2001 à 21:36:00 (#457066)

For me, the visuals are now perfect. Good work Shang.

I am getting the hang of your software. You say we can switch from one view to the other is that correct? How do you do that? Or did you mean to say that the two views are always presented together?

About the remove/lmock functions, lock is unimportant but removing is important because if we make a mistake and post something silly, then we need to remove it quickly before Scan sees it (it wouldn't be very professional to leave the 'mistakes' on the board.

I agree that the problem is reversed if we have too many accounts with remove rights because someone could remove someone else's topics (*shudder*).

Par Shang le 12/3/2001 à 22:28:00 (#457067)

I am happy that you like it...
I think the colours are good now, and we can switch from visuals to other things :D
Hmm, to be honest, i have no idea how DCForum switches the Views, it is able to do that, and it it stored in the user preferences, so it it the same look you decided all the time you log on....
i should check these functions a bit deeper i think, after sme further thinking this is a pretty neat feature.

Greetings, Shang

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