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Par Kaal le 3/3/2001 à 20:27:00 (#457054)

I thought it would be helpful if we could all say something about our sites and where we come from.

Fomalhaut ( is part of Jeux Online, a French network of sites currently hosted by Goa which is a subsidiary of a large French telecom company. Goa is a business but Jeux Online is not. Goa hosts us and we provide content for them, but we are not their employees.

Elgolfin and me got to know each other when we were both working on a French fan site covering Middle Earth Online. We were hosted by Stratics then and for a while we managed to run a French dev forum in collaboration with the Middle Earth Online developers team.

In February / March 2000, we decided to make a site about Horizons together. The site (Fomalhaut) opened to the public in May 2000. Kartaj joined us in January this year.

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Par Twists le 6/3/2001 à 13:32:00 (#457055)

Horizonsweb ( is hosted by g0mp, a private German Gaming-Network ;) - No banners, no limits, .. ;)

Shang and me are Webmasters of horizonsweb.. we both had other pages before (Shang: d2bay, a diablo2-trading page, and some other, I had Asherons Call Germany). We decided to make a horizons-page...uhm... december 2000.

Ps: we aren't rich ;)

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